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So I know we are trying to get a hang of our resolutions considering how January literally flashed before our eyes. One of the common resolutions we tend to have at the beginning of each year is to live a healthier lifestyle and mostly to lose weight. which is amazing .

however, isn’t it funny how it is always a resolution that very few follow through to the end? It is because losing weight and diet go hand in hand and not everyone is willing to go down that road. You cannot have a crappy diet and lose weight at the same time, one has to go. Unfortunately, that is the bitter truth paradox we live in.


Sugar is the number one leading cause of obesity and lifestyle diseases and our progress is highly dependent on that. However, people have disregarded this fact and have gone ahead and consumed processed sugar anyway. I know it is hard especially if you are a sweet tooth like me . But today I carry good news with me because I am here to tell you, you do not have to give it up, you just have to REPLACE!.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause as you help me welcome my friend ‘honeeeeeeeeey!!!’

Honey is a great sweetener and so I will be telling you exactly why switching up your processed sugar consumption for honey is a very good idea.

(1) Sugar is processed and honey is not


I mean, It does not get better than this. The truth is that the process of extracting sugar from sugarcane strips it off its vitamins, fiber and all the nutrients that come naturally with sugarcane. They add a lot of chemicals, bleaching agents etc and all you are left with is empty toxic calories.

Whereas with honey, the processors are bees and of course if you find a good and genuine supplier, you will have it in its rawest form. I know it is hard to find genuine honey and that is why with the help of Kenya Industrial research and development institute (KIRDI ), we now have Pure- Organic – Unadulterated – Couch health and fitness honey.

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(2) Honey is more nutritious

Both honey and processed sugar have the sugars fructose and glucose. Sugar has 50% fructose and 50% glucose whereas honey has 40% fructose, 30% glucose and the remaining 20% is pollen, water and minerals. These amazing nutrients can never be found in processed sugar in a million years. So at the end of the day, honey still wins.

(3) It is easier for your body to process honey.

Honey is lower in the Glycemic index and sugar is on top of the Glycemic index.

Glycemic index (GI) in Layman’s language is the reaction of foods to your blood sugar levels. There are foods that spike your blood sugar levels and then there are those that maintain your sugar levels.( These are the ones you should be consuming more of)

Sugar skyrockets your sugar levels and is high in the GI and honey is lower in the GI. If you do the math, honey is definitely a better option.

(4) You will consume less calories when using honey.

This is where all the controversies often arise. It is true that honey has more calories than sugar. E.g , 1 tsp of sugar has about 16 calories and 1tsp of honey has about 22 calorie. HOWEVER, research proves that when you switch to honey, you will always take 50% less and it is because honey is sweater , liquid and it is coarse. So instead of taking 1 tsp of honey (22 calories) you will be taking half a tsp of honey (11 calories). I do not know about you but I am definitely sold on this point.

(5) Honey has medicinal value


There is a reason doctors and nutritionists encourage you to use honey whenever you have a cold, an allergy, wounds etc. It is because honey has healing factors. I remember using honey growing up with asthma and it literally came through, *no kidding*

N/B Do not feed it to children under the age of 1 because the bacteria in honey can cause infant botulism.

Other than that honey is really god for you.

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Here is a video I made of the health benefits of honey, Watch it HERE

Have a beautiful 2020 and stay con-fit-dent!

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