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First things  first, you can get  sick from Sugar  with  or  without  the presence of Obesity.
Excessive  consumption of  Sugar may not  manifest  itself  in  your physical  appearance (that is why  there are people with  bad eating habits  but are still  very petite)  but it does  not mean  they are not  or may not  suffer the consequences.

We tend to think Fat  in foods  make us fat, in as much  as  that is true,  sugar is the number  one leading  cause of Obesity.

Your   cells  need the Sugar  glucose to help your organs function. Most  foods contain Sucrose,  a type  of  Sugar that is found naturally  in Fruits  and Vegetables and added  in  processed  foods . This sugar cannot be  used  up  by  the  body  so it will need  to  be  converted  to glucose  in the liver  first. Your liver  can only  do so much  in such little time, If you overwhelm  it  with added sugar,majority  will be  stored  as fat  and  not used  up  as  glucose. This process, if done repetitively will  lead  to  excess weight gain and risks  of  lifestyle diseases.

In fact  a high reduction in consumption of  processed sugar  intake has been equated  to:

  • Reduced  diabetes
  • Reduced  heart diseases
  • Reduced  weight  gain
  • Reduced  risks of certain cancers etc

So what  should you do?

  • Avoid  foods  with  lots  of added  sugar i.e sodas, fruit juices, sweets  etc they do not aid your body  nutritionally  at  all.
  • Eat  your  fresh  fruits   in  moderation  and  avoid  juicing your  fruits  too much, it  gets  rid  of   fiber  that  aids  in regulating  sugar that is released to your  system. You can get  fat  from  eating  lots  of  sugary  fruits at once
  • Eat lots  of  vegetables

How much sugar will you  take  out  of  your diet  today?

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  1. We tend to think only fatty foods or starch contributes to obesity. There are indeed good and bad sugars. Good sugars are mainly the natural ones from fruits and honey. Bad sugars constitute the manufactured or industry sugars. The solutions to overcome obesity as stated are really doable

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