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Please note: Lower back pain can be a sensitive kind of pain and in case your condition is complicated, get further clearance from your Doctor first.

I first fell in Love with stretching when I got interested in doing a split, then I realized how much I love it. I sometimes experience lower back pain especially if it is that time of the month and these stretches have definitely helped to ease the pain along the way.

  1. Hamstring stretch

Gently pull your leg towards your chest and breathe. You will feel the stretch on your lower back and on your hamstring as well.


2. Spine stretch

Go on all fours and gently raise your back up and down while breathing in and out.

3. Wall sits

This can double up as a leg workout as well, so I guess it’s a win win. As if sitting, rest your back on a wall as seen below. Keep your core tightened to avoid injury.


4. knee twist while lying down.

Bend your knee on the opposite direction and lay there for a few seconds then alternate to the other leg. I like this one because I feel like it gives me the full stretch I need.


5. cobra stretch

lay prostrate on the floor  raising your upper body up and down. This is absolutely perfect in getting that ideal stretch on while still being super Zen.

6. Child’s pose

I used to sleep in this pose growing up just because it way too comfortable. Of all stretches, this is my favorite because I do it all the time when my back just wont cooperate.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope these stretches will see you singing bye bye to lower back pain.

Stay con-fit-dent.

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