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Here is my  thought  about   the weighing scale . First of  all, I do not  care  about  it, second, I  have  seen  how  crazy  and  superstitious  it  gets  when  someone cares  much  about  it. It can  slowly consume  you   mentally. It  can stalk  your  days  and  nights  and  bring  about  unnecessary  weight  obsessions that  should  have  been  avoided  in the  first  place. Sure, you can  step on the  weighing  scale once  in a  while  but  you know  it  is  a  problem  when  you  weigh  yourself  daily or weekly or monthly, I mean  what  are  you  looking  to  see?  Nothing  happens  in  a  week  that’s  for  sure  don’t  even  get  me  started  on  how  nothing  happens  overnight.
In my opinion , in  as  much  as   the  weighing  scale’s job  is  to  remind  you  of  your  weight  gains  and  weight  loss targets , it also  strips  you  away from  Life. The   ability  to eat  that  cake   at  your  best  friend’s  Birthday party  or  even  go  on  a  date   and  sip on  that glass of wine.  Don’t  get  me  wrong  I am not  telling you  to go  gallop  a  whole  bottle  of  Chardonnay   or   eat  a  whole  box  of  Pizza  or  devour half   the  cake  by  yourself, all I  am  saying  is  an  obsession  with the  weighing  scale  may  affect your  life negatively  if  you are not  careful. You may be  too engulfed  in  the  thoughts  of  what  the  weighing  scale  said  about  you  yesterday  and  forget  that  it  would  mean  the  world  to  your  friend  if  you  just  picked  that  piece  of  cake  at  her  birthday.
eating cake
or  it  would  put a smile  on  your  spouse’s  face   if  he  was  not  toasting  to  a glass  of  wine  at  the  dinner table  by  himself because  the  weighing  scale  said  you  need to  cut  down  on  stuff.
man alone
or  it would  mean a lot when your friends and Family can still enjoy that occasional pizza and  have  a  laugh with  you because you were born to do that


Come on , as  long  as  majority  of  of  the  time   you are  eating clean  and  working  out , cut  yourself  and the people  around  you some  slack . You do not  need a  freaking  weighing  scale  to  determine   your  next  moves. Life is  all about moderation and  wisdom.So  shove  that  weighing scale  down  the  gutter, live  a  healthy life wisely
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