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I  was introduced to running In August  this year by my name sake , ”Hola Brenda! ” It  took me up to two months to come to terms  with the fact that with my love  for  my beauty  sleep as  seen  in THIS POST, I could actually get myself to wake up at  5:00am just  to hit the road.  My first  experience  was insane, so I set  my alarm for 5;00am,  then  intentionally , accidentally  snoozed  it  for  30 good minutes and when I finally woke up, I quickly got dressed and found my friend waiting outside , I had zero motivation but  I wasn’t going  to  sit there and  watch  myself  be another  statistic. Plus, I had promised her a run for like forever and that day I had made up my mind to run….’to infinity and beyond‘ ( I’ve always wanted to say that. )
So,  I hit the road , honestly, that was like the best decision I ever made.

This is how far we went, not so bad don’t you think?
I am evidently an outdoor person and  I enjoy outdoor activities.If you enjoy working out from home and you have never tried running, you should seriously consider that. Nothing beats the feeling of a  nice fresh breeze on your face and fresh air going deep down in your system accompanied by real good  music.
God bless you
And remember you were born beautiful , and that is irreversible , but your health is reversible, make it better today!

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