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Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard the depressing rampant news of young people in Kenya committing suicide because of depression, broken relationships, unemployment, low self esteem etc . It is as simple as this, ‘People have no hope left because we are looking for hope in the wrong places.’

We even did a short 8 minute film on mental health awareness and suicide , YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE    (PS. I starred in it 🙂 )



Depression and mental disorders can slip into your life without you realizing and once it grasps onto you, you might even be the last to realize it. We live in a day and era where comparison  is dominating the world especially with social media where everyone is posting their highlights causing others to go into a whirlwind of  low self esteem. Everyone has suffered from comparison at least at some point in their lives. The message of our film is that everyone is going through something ,only that some come out of it stronger and others do not come out of it at all.

symptoms include things like:

  • Feeling sad and lost
  • Anxiety and palpitations (I have experienced these two  and it was not pretty. Story for another day)
  • Loss of appetite or extreme binge eating
  • High irritability
  • Detachment from Family and friends
  • Paranoia
  • Drug abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts and many others

We can fight this thing and can take the necessary steps to help  curb mental stress and see you love and appreciate life more.

  • Develop a relationship with God

Toxic thoughts and feelings can mainly be detached from you by creating a relationship with God. Praying, spending your time reading the bible and knowing what God says about you and your identity in Christ and that ‘you live in this world but are not of this world’ will help you realize that ABSOLUTELY nothing matters except what God says about you.

  • Talk to somebody

Find a trustworthy person and share with them how you feel , ensure you really trust them though , someone who will not judge you or stab you in the back.

  • Detox mentally / Social media break/ toxic people/places/jobs

At the beginning of this year, I took a one Month social media break and it was so worth it. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is just good to take time off from constantly being bombarded with images and opinions of what we should be and how we should look like. It is a time to work on your mental health and feed your soul with positive vibes only. This also applies in cutting off toxic people, places and jobs. It is never that serious. Nothing should take the place of your life.

  • Do not stress the small stuff

Isn’t it funny how we stress over the dog eating our homework, who likes my dress, why don’t they like it, how many likes I got on this picture, who acknowledges me and who doesn’t, we seek validation left right and center  and we stress ourselves over the silliest things. If you are going to forget everything you have read here today remember one thing ‘You do not need someone else’s validation.’  If you measure your worth with the number of people who like you in real life and online , It is time to reevaluate your priorities in life. ”

  • Get the groove on

I love Gary Vee’s (If you do not know him, then look him up! ) because  he advocates for doing what you love.  If you spend your days in toxic environments, It only triggers your stress levels . Take risks and be immersed in  doing what you love and  let the world catch up. Eternal joy should be your ultimate goal. Dance often, swim often, read often, bake often, cook often, run often, teach often. If you forget your passion, joy tends to escape .

  • Have a heart of gratitude

The reason why we get depressed is because we magnify our problems and shrink our blessings. If you do the vice versa then the flip side is true. It may seem easier said than done but it is just what it is. It may even seem like there is nothing to be grateful for at the moment but the fact that you are not dead or in the ICU should be a good start. Keeping a gratitude journal is a habit I picked up early this year and for sure I am seeing life from a different lens.

  • Get physically active and eat the right foods

Whenever you exercise, your body produces a feel good hormone called Endorphin. This will give you the feel good feels. Working out 4-5 times a week and eating healthy will not only release endorphins but will shape your physique and boost your confidence and self esteem as well.

  • Bro! do you Podcast?

”Above all else, Guard your heart for it determines the course of your life” Proverbs 4:23

What you feed your mind is what  will be manifested. This is also on the Netflix documentary ‘The law of attraction’ . I love podcasts , one, because they are free, na mimi ni Mkenya napenda vya bwerere . Two, because I have never absorbed so much positivity and information as much as I have with podcasts. They are a great source of insights from Spiritual leaders, business moguls , elite specialists in different fields, etc. In case you are looking to get hope from fellow humans around the world, download the app and subscribe to the following podcasts that I totally recommend


  • John Piper Sermon’s
  • Elevation with Steven Furtick
  • Transformation Church
  • Bethel Church
  • Oprah Winfery’s Masterclass
  • Oprah Winfery’s supersoul conversations
  • Jay shetty ‘s ‘on purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Gary Vaynerchuck’s ‘The Gary Vee audio experience’
  • Tony Robbins podcast
  • The minimalists
  • Steve Harvey- Daily inspiration by Steve Harvey


There are many other podcasts , Whatever interests you is what you should subscribe to.

Happiness is circumstantial  but the Joy of the Lord is eternal





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