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Word of the day: Surreptitious- Done secretly, without anyone seeing or knowing.

I set out to read African literature this whole year. At least a book a Month. In as much as I slagged a little, I managed to read a couple of books that I will be sharing in my book review segments for the rest of the year.

So I tend to blurt out stories I am reading to people and it is in one of these episodes that I realized that my mother had read the same exact book in high school as a literature set and  loved the same exact story I did. Maybe it is because of this that it is by far one of my favorites.

The book ‘The land without thunder and other stories’  is a collection of short stories written by a Kenyan author, Grace Ogot. I loved the book, mostly because it depicts culture, My culture. There is just something about reading a book with landscape, language and  names that are relatable.  I will try and not give any spoilers but I specifically enjoyed these four stories for the following reasons.

Tekayo : It is an epiphany of  the end product of greed. A clear revelation of the society we live in through the life of one old man. This is my absolute favorite and it definitely tops the list and my mother’s favorite as well.

The white veil : I loved this one just because It kept me on my toes. It shows how one can go above and beyond, abandoning their Faith for Love’s sake. I have to say I judged the main character in this story a little.

The rain came : I am glad this story was fiction because I was thinking of the different ways the protagonist should have handled the predicament she was in. I loved this one, It made me wonder.

Elizabeth: It is one of the few stories that have a modern setting. I felt so passionately about this. It shades light on gender inequality and how one sex, Females have been often objectified especially in the work place and in the society at large. I am writing this review 20 minutes from finishing the book, It is the last story in the book and it has left me uncomfortable. It is the only story that was fiction but really felt non-fiction because it absolutely is what happens and has been happening.

The stories were too short though and left me craving more. I would have loved to read more. Anyway, I definitely would recommend this book to all readers out there or anyone who is looking to get into the habit of reading.

Read away!

stay con-fit-dent

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