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Do’s and  Dont’s  of  A Fitness dance  class

Do’s and  Dont’s  of  A Fitness dance  class

I attend  my  Friend’s   Zhumba  dance class  from  time  to  time, it  is  an amazing   class i must  say. I observed a couple of things and I  decided  to come up  with the things  you should and shouldn’t  be  doing  at  any  fitness dance  class.

  • Do  not  apply  your  perfume

At this point, everyone is hyperventilating and gasping for the freshest air they can get, fresh air will be really nice you know, not perfumed  air.

  • Master  the   moves  as  soon as you  can

You want to do whatever  it  takes  to master  the  moves  as  soon  as   the   second  or third  count  is  on. Practice  at home, record  and  learn  the  moves  at home,whatever  it is, as  long  as  you do not  step  on  your  neighbor’s feet on the next  dance  class.

  • Be aware  of your  surroundings

If  you  are   a  dance  coach  or   have  been  to  any  fitness  class,  you will realize  that the  coach  loves  to move  around , I have  seen  a  coach  walk  out  of  the  class with  a black   eye  because  someone, Well, someone happened.

  • A little  deodorant  for  the  road

This  I bet  is  for  the obvious  reasons.

  • Do not  laugh at the  newbies

If  it  is  hard  for  the  newbies to  keep up, be  a  darling  and  help them  out instead  of  being rude about it.

  • Do not  be  afraid to  make a  fool out  of  yourself

The only  way to learn  is  when  you  fall flat  on  your  face    and  make  a joke  out  of  it, if  you mess up shake  it  off!!!! shake it  off!!!!!

  • Make  Friends

This  is  a  social   place, More  like  speed  dating, only  more  sophisticated  and  less  weird.
Dance  brings people  together,the  high and  Mighty , the  not  so  high  and Mighty  (I honestly  don’t  know  what the opposite  of  high and  Mighty  is  so  I decided   to  play  it  safe)

  • Have  Fun

Yo! I don’t know  about  you  but  I know that   if  I sign  up  for  a  dance  fitness class, it is  to have   fun  and  stay   healthy  at  the  same  time. Doesn’t sound like  a  deal  with the  devil kinda   deal   that’s for  sure.

Stay  con-fit-dent

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