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AT HOME EXERCISES –     social distancing edition!

AT HOME EXERCISES – social distancing edition!

Due to the global pandemic of the virus Covid 19, the government has issued a social distancing policy, you know, stay at home- avoid social gatherings and that’s the gym included. You should probably get that refund now 🙂 .

We have given all sorts of excuses in the past of why we cannot workout and ‘lack of time ‘ definitely tops that list. Now that we have been forced into hibernation , this is the best time to experiment with home exercises. Also, I am sure no one wants to come out of this a few pounds heavier and unhealthy. That is why today I am going to share a few exercises you can do from home that will make you stay healthy and still smash your fitness goals even as you work and school from home .

() Jump rope

Jump rope is very common because of its convenience, and what better time to have some conveniences in life than now, right?

If losing weight and cardiovascular health was your top priority of 2020, you can still smash your goals at the comfort of your home. Besides, I still argue that the gym is overrated 🙂

(2) burpees

Listen, this is my go to exercise. It’s a paradox, because I hate the thought of it but I am obsessed with it because the results are insane. This is by far one of the the most effective form of exercise outchea man! Why you ask? Well, simply because it involves every muscle in your body and it leaves you panting, best believe that’s good for you. If you do not believe me? try the 7 steps above and you will relate. (It is even better if you add a squat at the end of each burpee

It is an amazing workout during this time, all you need is a little space and a willing heart.

(3) jump squats

Jump squat is common as well, it’s another very great form of a full body workout. It is a form of plyometrics (Plyometrics in layman’s language is simply adding a jump to certain exercises ) I mean, you could do an ordinary squat without a jump but the reason you add a jump to any form of exercise is so you can burn excess calories, build strength and increase your heart health. That’s a score right there!

(4) Sprinting

I loooooooove to sprint.

I went to the facility where I always run and was bumped to find out that they had locked down indefinitely. However, as I try to arrange how I can start running on these streets (Which involves constantly looking behind my back because serial killers hunt runners I’m just kidding ) or maybe not! Because social distancing is a thing now. 😉

But if you would love to get that early morning run, then by all means, go ahead! Don’t let my paranoia stop you 😉

Parting shot- Do not be sedentary or else you will lose your mind.

Also, I have written a post on Standard media’s ‘Ureport’ on how you can maintain personal grooming during this social distancing period 😉 . You can read it HERE and get some insights on what we might be overlooking during this time.

Stay safe. Spread love. Create!

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