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Cardiovascular/ Cardio workout is a physical exercise  of low to high intensity  that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.

These are the kinds of exercises that increase your heartbeat. They are very good for us though there is a bit of a love-hate relationship that has existed over the years. Today I will be sharing a couple of cardio exercises you can do from home that will burn excess fat on your body.

1. Jumping jack

Jumping jack is a full body exercise that will see your heart rate increase. You can do them in intervals of 10, rest 10 seconds and repeat ten times and you will be good to go.


2. Jump rope

Jump rope is  a very common type of exercise , everyone pretty much knows it. This is another full body workout that is amazing especially if done as a High Intensity Interval Training whereby you increase the speed as you go.

3. High knees

High knees are not brutal for nothing, It can produce great results especially if you are targeting the lower belly fat, try it and see it for yourself.


4.Running/ jogging

I just resumed running the other day and I did not realize how my lung capacity had slowed down ever since I stopped running. It is a great cardio exercise. The key is not to run at the same pace constantly, Jog , run then sprint in intervals, this will toy with your heart rate hence burning massive calories.

5. swimming

I am not big on swimming, I hate having to wash chlorine off  my hair and also I am not a great swimmer but I know people who are big on that and their fitness is on another level.


Yo! I would love to do more dancing, this sounds like a great deal and that is why you find more people signing up for Zumba , Rumba and stuff because it is a fun exercise. You might want to try one too


Burpees are sooooooooo wicked! (I put the man O’s to emphasize on it’s wickedness) Out of all these, the are the most exhausting and they produce the most results if done frequently.

I would love to know if you have tried them.

stay healthy

stay con-fit-dent.


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