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Happy new year everybody! I know I am late but…… ‘better late than never, right?’

I pray to God that this year will see you living up to your fullest potential and most importantly, sticking to your goals.

I am sure you can agree that making  plans  can be sweet but implementing them can be as bitter as hell fire sometimes especially this being that time when everyone is on it . I personally hate the pressure of January and that is why I  start making these  changes and trying to implement them in December. feel me?

Anyway, whatever time we make new plans,  we all need to know how to keep the momentum going to avoid falling off the wagon as soon as the motivation lacks.

Here are a few tips we often overlook that I have overtime seen bring changes in my life in various areas . I hope these tips will  help us commit to our goals once and for all this time round.

1. Declutter

Getting rid of old toxic junk in our lives is so underestimated yet so important. Letting go of junk food, junk friendships, junk relationships, a junk job, idols, outfits that do not fit and would be of benefit to someone else etc. will only leave you feeling more gratitude , self love,  and leave room for ….

2. Investing

….Investment. When you get rid of junk in your life, It leaves an empty room and that room will eventually need to be filled.  You in return will find yourself Investing in improving your spirit, body and mind. investing in new ideas, new friendships, investing your time in exercising,  spending it with God , reading impactful books, listening to great podcasts etc. Simply just habits that will see your life and the people around you transform for the better and this reflects in the work you put in towards your life goals.

3.Seek Excellence Not Perfection

Perfection is all about being the best  while Excellence is about giving it your best.

There is a thin line between the two that often brings about confusion in our journeys. With being the best, there is competition and with giving it your best there is focus and content. If you seek excellence, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, you will be willing to take your path and strive to fulfill your goals and nobody else’s which in return brings about progress in our goals.

4.Be responsible/ Grow up

You can call it being responsible or simply just growing up. I am sure we all wish we could write down  goals and the hand them over to a jinni , our parents, guardians, older siblings or anyone who seems more responsible than us and has live figured out to commit to them. Unfortunately, life does not work like that. We just have to grow up and get things done. Procrastinating is just postponing  and pilling up the work. So we might as well just stick to our goals now .

5.Take action

Doing it is actually just the only way to get things done. There is no other way, no short cuts, no robot (They should make those.) You just have to do it to get it done and over with so you can make new goals and fulfill your purpose on planet Earth.


Dang I feel like Dr.Phil tight now  with all these motivational talk 🙂 🙂

I hope we can all embrace these tips in whatever area of our lives that needs to change for the better.

stay fit

stay con-fit-dent!



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