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Hey friends!



Sometimes we get consumed by being busy and we forget the most important factor, our health! it can be pretty daunting especially if you are on a weight loss quest. But don’t fret, I got you. Here are little things we can do each and every day to aid in  your weight loss journey .

  1. Drinking lemon water in the morning.


This does not require much effort really, you just need to remember to take lemon water first thing in the morning. This helps flash out toxins and boost your metabolism to take you through the day. Also, remember to take water throughout the day as well. With or without lemon.

  1. ‘HIIT’  -ing

For a busy person, I always recommend HIIT. My schedule is pretty crazy and I too often opt for High Intensity Interval training (HIIT). This is where you perform vigorous exercises for a short duration of time in between short rest times or intervals. They can be as little as 15-20 minutes. Research also shows that they are more effective than long hours spent doing cardio exercises. That sounds like a deal. They are all over the internet, free and waiting for you to download.

  1. cutting on processed sugars

This too does not require too much work but it definitely requires too much willpower. Cutting down on processed sugar will see you pay attention to your health even as a busy person.

  1. Stretching

I never stretched much until recently and it is when I started stretching that I discovered a small heaven on earth. I can miss a workout but I can never miss a good stretch. Stretching can take as little as five minutes and it will leave you feeling flexible, relaxed and most importantly,positive.

  1. lifting

I love lifters (lifters, is that what’s it’s called?) I don’t know!!…. but I love women and men who lift. It does not have to be in a gym. You can use anything within your reach, your baby (be very careful), water bottles, etc . heck! you can even use your body weight. Pretty much anything that has weight. This my busy friend can be done anywhere, except of course when you are on the streets because that would be weird!!!

I hope we can embrace this healthy habits together and kill excuses because excuses don’t burn calories!

stay con-fit dent!

stay beautiful!









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