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As blunt as it may sound, sugar taken too much at once is generally not good for you.When on a weight loss quest, too much sugar can be what’s slowing you down and to add to that, it puts you at risk of getting type 2 Diabetes, gum disease and other lifestyle related diseases. The following drinks have too much sugar and if you cannot completely eradicate them from your diet, then  you should definitely regulate the amount you have on a daily basis.

  1. Soda

Now soda has too much sugar that’s for sure and yes DIET COKE IS A SCUM (it is not any better). It is obvious by the taste and the labels on the bottles and cans. If you have too much soda, maybe it is time you start cutting down on it.


2. Alcohol

I mean, this should not be as controversial as it has always been. No one is telling you to quite alcohol (Though it would be nice if you did) but having it at the rate at which people do is quite alarming because it literally has too much sugar. People don’t often think it does but it really does.


3. Energy drinks

I see people work out with a bottle of energy drink by their side and it bugs me,  it beats the sense of working out really. Energy drinks have sugar in them and when you are trying to lose weight, you should maybe sort other healthier options of energy (like,,,ummmm! real food maybe? )


4. Pure fruit drinks

So sugar is sugar, whether it comes from fruit or soda. Too much of it from either sources is not your best friend. If you juice or blend plain fruits a lot maybe you should reconsider. That sugar too will jeopardize your weight loss journey. How about you….



(i) …Have this instead

Mix your Fruits with Veges. Maybe 70% Vegetables and 30% fruit. This is definitely a healthier better option.

(For  the record, packed fruit  juices have an unbelievable amount  of sugar added to them)

5. Sweet tea

Okay , Any Kenyan in the house? Absolutely! I mean tea is life ain’t it? Tea with sugar is our culture, you know what I mean? Like, who did not grow up in such a household? ( maybe you didn’t but hey!) I had to learn to take ndufia a.k.a tea without sugar. If you actually sat down and thought about how much sugar we’ve added at the eating table from the day you discovered tea,coffee etc,you will be amazed. Maybe it is time you did something about it.

I am not insinuating an overnight lifestyle change. If you are hooked (yes! sugar is addictive), You just need to take it a day at a time. Start by making small changes that will lead you to the ultimate goal. Who knows, maybe it will reach a day and age where no one will be giving money to companies that are deliberately and selfishly manipulating and slowly poisoning us .

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay con-fit-dent!




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