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Isn’t it amazing that the rate at which our hair grows is at times the same rate at which it breaks?

I used to think my hair does not grow and even blamed it on my genes. Well, turns out I was wrong. Most of us have the misconception that our hair does not grow (well,in some unique cases it really doesn’t) but normally, hair grows but can break just as fast as it grows.

No worries though because today I am going to share four tips on how you can maintain the growth you have already acquired when taking down hairstyles.

  1. Be gentle.

Think of your hair as delicate as an egg. If you yank and throw an egg up and down or mistreat it, It will break. You hair needs just as much Tender Love and Care (TLC) as the egg if not even more. We tend to break hair mostly when we are taking down protective styles sadly. Be extra cautious when doing this and take your time. You’d rather not handle your hair when in a hurry or frustrated because TLC will be the last thing on your mind at this juncture.


        2. Use water to detangle.

It is safe to use water to wet hair when taking down protective styles or when detangling because water makes your hair softer, manageable and less prone to breakage. Handling your hair whilst dry is literally hair suicide because  dry strands equals breakage. Simply use a spritz bottle with water or conditioner and maybe even a natural oil to spray a section before you take it down.

       3. Avoid rough combing!

I personally stopped using combs. I feel like my fingers do the job just perfectly. You can actually learn how to detangle your hair with just your fingers. It just takes a lot of patience and practice.But if you must use a comb, do not comb dry hair, use a wide tooth comb and most importantly do not yank your hair. comb the moisturized hair slowly and from the tips of your hair going up to the roots.

4. Work in sections

My hair is 4C. My curls naturally just want to coil and tangle together into a bird’s nest.  I cannot do a wash and go because if I try I will cry! (see how I rhymed there? juzzzt sayen!) and I will have to deal with single strand knots. Anyway, for most black girls (not all) , we need to work our hair in sections to avoid knotting. This does not only apply when taking down hairstyles but on wash days as well. It will save you a lot of time and spare you the agony of breakage.  I can totally attest to this!


I hope these tips have been very helpful and I cannot wait for you to try them.

stay con-fit-dent

you are beautiful!


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