Menstrual cramps for me, and many girls out there can be very uncomfortable and painful. It is not a time you would look forward to . All in all, we can always find natural ways to keep the pain undr control.

Here are natural ways we can cure menstrual cramps.

1. Use of indirect heat

Indirect heat is a great way to heal menstrual cramps, I personally place a hot water bottle on my abdomen and lower back and it is sort of melts the pain away. If you do not have one, you can use a hot towel or take a hot bath.


2. Warm fluids

Drinking hot fluids: Chamomile tea, green tea, herbal tea . Any tea with little or no sugar is great for easing your menstrual cramps.


3. massage with essential oils

Getting a massage on your lower back, abdomen and maybe even your whole body with essential oils can really help ease the pain. I know for a fact that I love a good lower back rub during this time.


4. Exercise

According to Gina Shaw from WebMD, the best cure for period pain is to get off the couch and be on the move. I know we tend to elan on to ditching workouts at this time, me being the number one culprit but I can tell you for sure, a god workout is all you need at this time (Maybe not all you need)


5. Diet

Sugar and junk enhances cramps, no kidding. I am sure I am not the only one. Eating fresh fruits and veges, whole grains , a lot of water and green smoothies are some of the healthy meals that will de-bloat you and help ease menstrual cramps.


thank you for reading.

stay con-fit-dent

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