High levels of bad cholesterol or LDL on your body can increase your risks of getting heart diseases or stroke because they clog up the walls of your blood vessels overtime.

I cannot remember the exact statistics of this specific experiment but I remember watching a documentary many years back and  a group of overweight people managed to cut a substantial amount of weight 2 weeks  after being put on healthy fats diet alone. They did not go on an exercise routine, they did not change their  habits or anything, the only thing they added to their lifestyle was the good fats and cut down on the bad fats and voila! Miracle!

Fats are good you need them. but only the good kind. so here are the foods that can help lower the LDL in your body.

  1. Essential oils

You can trade your trans fat for essential cooking oils. Trans fats are  hydrogenated oils, found mostly in solid cooking oils and other processed foods. In simple terms, essential oils are unadulterated, just as they have been extracted from plants . They are in liquid form and evaporate leaving no residue as opposed to the solid cooking oil.  Examples are olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil etc


2. Avocado

‘Avocado is bae’  has been a cliche for the longest time ever simply because it has created a wave over the years especially here in Kenya because it simply goes with pretty much everything. It’s health benefits are equally as rewarding…..Okay maybe a little bit less than it is satisfying.  ‘just kidding’.

They are rich in monounsaturated fats that are the healthy unsaturated fats and these kinds reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol in the body.


Most nuts have omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are great. They are also high in protein and fiber which is a plus. Nuts will help lower  LDL and increase the good cholesterol in your body. Examples are  groundnuts (my favorite), walnuts, almond nuts, cashew, macadamia nuts, etc

Be very careful not to indulge in the overly processed ones, excessively fried or salty nuts because that then beats the purpose.


Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which will increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL). Examples are Salmon, sardines, tuna etc. Again, how you cook it matters and if prepared poorly and unhealthy, it beats the purpose.


5. Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates in small amounts lowers Bad cholesterol. It however has high calories and also contains the saturated fats which is not good for you and that is why it needs to be really regulated.

Remember that all these foods are great but overindulgence will not prevent weight gain just because they are healthier. Portion control in everything is key in a balanced life so control your intake.

Have a blessed day.

stay con-fit-dent.

you are beautiful.











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