Walter wedder- Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions as salty water has on thirst.

This is a 300+ thick book by Dan Ariely that I picked up in Dec 2018 and it somehow ate into January. It is all great though because it is exactly the kind of boost I needed to start my new year.

I have a million things to say about the book but I don’t think anyone wants to read an imitation of an intellectually strong book so I guess  a review will do it justice.

The upside of irrationality has been quite an eyeopener and I am sure you can agree (Well, you can only agree if you have read the book) but, you get the point.

If I were to summarize it in a sentence it would be something like ”Looking at life and the decisions we make from a different perspective than what we are used to.’  If I were to give it a different title, it would be something like  ‘A different lens of life.’

The book touches on decisions we make and sort of  debunks the beliefs we have always had and sort of places  a shadow on rational thinking.

I.E, Did you know that excess incentives and outrageous salaries are maybe not as motivating to employees as we have been made to think?

What caught my eye was ‘Philoprogenitive’- A parent who tends to favor their child(ren) more (Which in my opinion is pretty much every parent) and it’s relation to our creations and how much it has an IKEA (Our ability to care so much about our creation) effect on us and I as a creative, could not agree more.

It stirred up a conversation in my head about how we react to situations ; how we adopt to change, pain, pleasure etc, how we chose dating partners, how we react to the need to revenge, the need to apologize or a lack thereof.

What I identified most with as a reader is what social scientists like to call ‘Identifiable Victim effect’ which is the natural need to help people being highly motivated by one identifying more with an individual than masses of people and I have to say, I am guilty as charged.

However, If you hate statistics, (well, hate is a strong word) but if you are like me and you cannot stand what feels like a gruesome session of rat and human experiments, You will roll your eyes not once, not twice. I mean, there were moments I felt like mailing Mr. Ariely and letting him know that it would have been nice if he just gave me the results of the statistics and not having to let me read the whole dang experiment from scratch y’know?.

I totally recommend this book to everyone. at the end of it all, I learnt that sometimes, being irrational with our decisions and not very calculating and super rational all the time especially with life changing decisions is not such a bad thing.

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