Binge eating, for whatever reason always takes us many steps backwards despite us really trying to make changes in the quest for a healthier body and a slimmer waist, which is somehow a problem area for many ..many people. I have studied my binge eating and realized, the number one reason I binge eat is because I fail to….

(1) Plan ahead

Let’s be real for a second, if¬† you fail to carry your umbrella in the the rainy season and it starts to pour heavily on your way home, there is no way you will forgo buying that umbrella at the expense of you being rained on (or your hair mating~ Ladies ūüôā ) The same with our meals, If you do not prepare and pack meals in advance, the chances of you not buying whatever on the road when you are hungry and indulge in it like nobody’s business is very minimal.

This method  helps you keep track of what you eat and might I add that it is very frugal and helps you save more.


(2) Drink a lot of water

Water  can put a magic spell on you that fills you up and curbs cravings. Drinking a lot of water can help you keep off binging on whatever. Next time you want to binge on something, try taking a whole glass of water and see if you still feel the same.

(3) Avoid sugary foods

Sugar on the other hand can put a spell on you that triggers your appetite. Sugary foods lack fiber that fills you up and it gets you hungry pretty quick . That is why we are often encouraged to take high fiber healthy meals like fruits , vegetables and whole grains , these kinds of foods keep us full for longer hence lowering our chances of binge eating.

(4) Do not store these foods

The saying ‘Out of sight out of mind’¬† is perpetual. It will forever apply. I know for a fact that I will not crave chips for the whole day until I pass by Mama Chipo’s place in the evening then all of a sudden I cannot live without Chipo every evening (ridiculously true) . Which begs the question, What if these unhealthy foods are stored in your home? How bad is the temptation then ? If you see it all the dang time when you open your fridge, well, you might as well say goodbye to that six pack goal.

(5) Portion control

Here is the thing, having these mouth watering foods is not a death sentence with no chances of parole¬† (Shoot!! I should go slow on Investigation discovery channel ūüôā ). Anyway, it is okay to have them in portions. Control your portion and control your frequency,do not make it habitual.

Thank you for stopping by.

Remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made just the way you are.

stay con-fit-dent.

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