There are many tips out here associated with having healthy natural hair and preventing hair loss ; both conventional and unconventional. I will be touching on three of those tips that have helped me prevent hair loss over the years.


1. Protective styling

I rarely wear my hair out except for occasions and shoots simply because I am a lazy natural.  (I am sorry, I wish I had a better reason like…. ‘I rarely wear my hair out because I am busy saving the world  from a possible World War IV’ … but ‘lazy’ is all I got.) Well,  it is not such a bad thing after all because it has definitely worked in my favor. It has helped me retain my length simply because my hands are not constantly trying to practice DJ-ing skills on my hair every dang time. I am a strong advocate for low manipulation protective styling, which is simply a style that does not put much or  any tension on your hair and scalp especially around the edges and also a style that gives you access to your hair strands and scalp for in between moisturizing .

I borrowed these images  from HERE because they are a true representation of the exact protective styling I use on my hair all year round. Except for last Month when I installed my own braids, (story for another day),  These are simple twists that are low maintenance and very gentle to my hair. The best thing is that I do them on my own;  Well, saves you time and money! (Feels like that harpic AD).

b. You simply just take two tiny chunks of your hair and fuse them together as seen below . Curl and twist the end to ensure they stay protected.

(Everyone else always thinks they look like dreadlocks except me. You know what’s  funny?  I finally see what they mean because they actually do look like dreadlocks.)

2. Moisturize

Friends, you do not want to handle your hair when it is dry. You would rather postpone it until you find time to moisturize. You see  dry hair  will simply snap and cause unimaginable breakage and nobody want that. My regimen for  moisturizing in between wash days is simply the LOC method: This is when you apply Liquid, Oil and Cream in that manner on your hair. May I mention that LCO also works (Liquid, Cream and Oil)

  • Water/ Leave in

Water for me starts everything. I sprinkle water on my hair first just to loosen my curls then apply leave in conditioner.

  • Oil

coconut oil ( This is not the original bottle though, I transferred mine in this smaller bottle)

  • Sealant

I seal  with raw Shea butter just to ensure the moisture does not escape and stays locked in before my next re-moisturizing .

3. No comb zone

ME: Hi, my name is Brenda and I have been comb free for three years now.


Anyway, People ask me all the time how I am able to achieve curls  and I strongly believe it is because I let my hair go in the direction it wants to go by not trying to alter it by constantly combing. I use my fingers to detangle my hair all the time and I feel like it does a pretty good job. There is just something about feeling the tangles with your fingers and gently separating them as opposed to using a comb and forcefully yanking through the tangles. This has 100% helped achieve my length and health. This however this needs a lot of practice and lots of patience so fasten your patience and practice belt because we are about to take off!

I sure hope that you will try these tips as you partake this beautiful natural hair journey. It might need a little more patience but all worth it in the end.

Thank you for stopping by and remember you are beautiful just the way you are.

stay con-fit-dent











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