So it is that  time of the  Year, where  we make resolutions  that  we  sometimes always end up not accomplishing.
So on today’s  post, I will  be  helping YOU and I  accomplish  those Health  and fitness goals  so  that we may not end up feeling  like crap  at  the  end  of this  year!! *you know what I mean?

  • Make realistic  goals

The reason  why  you  stop working out  and  eating  healthy  as  soon as  Simon says Jenga! Is because  you  set  a target of  getting ripped  in two Months or whatever. Here’s my take ,according to  your fitness level, set goals  that  will not push you over the edge and  bring you  to quit  if you  do not  achieve your  goals on time!

  • Start slow with your…



You are  most  likely  to  succeed  in anything  if  you  start at the  actual starting  point . Go gradual  with your workouts and eliminate  bad foods slowly as opposed to skipping to  all healthy meals  and denying  yourself  an ice cream once in  a while. This too will help you avoid  a relapse.

  • Find a  motivation

Be it  a  bikini bod’ , be it a healthier  you…….

Be it looking good naked, whatever , I don’t know. Find  a Motivation because  if  you lack one, there wont be that  IT Factor  that will be  reminding  you  exactly  why you should keep going.

  • Find  a  friend to hold you accountable

For obvious  reasons, find a stern  friend or family  member  who will  hold  you accountable  and will  not let  you flash your dreams down the  toilet!

  • Be easy on the self-condemnation

Be easy on yourself if you experience  setbacks with your goals.That cheat meal that turned into  a  cheat week, that  scoop of ice cream that turned into  a  2litre-2hours devour, that  rest day that turned into  a rest Month, don’t beat yourself up. You are not superman/woman. Even superheroes experience setbacks.get back up and move on.

  • Set  short term  targets

Sign up for  a Marathon due in a few Months, book a photo shoot in a Month or two, set a short  term target  that will force you to prepare  yourself  and  you will  definitely   not fall off the Wagon.

  • Do not   try  to use  short cuts

I can promise you that if you try starving, diet pills, fad  diets , all those  lame  dangerous shortcuts  the world offers, you will FALL Head  first. So  it is your choice.will you take the long  successful  road  or  the short  unsuccessful road?

  • Invest in your gym and workout clothes

For some reason, if you buy  cute  workout clothes, they will always  be looking at you like. ‘aren’t you going  to pick me up?’ Besides, why would  you  buy  tones  of  gym attires to laze  around  in  your  drawer? That my friends will always  haunt you  and will drive you  to go put them on  and we  all know  things  that happen when we put on workout clothes and lazying around  is not one  of them.

  • Be patient

I mean, if you keep stopping and quitting every time , you will just keep starting. Who wants to keep starting the same thing over and over  for the  rest  of  their  lives? I know I don’t!

  • Involve  God in  your  plans, lest you are  planning  to fail!

We actually underestimate  the power of God  in the things  we actually call ‘small’ in the eyes  of God. Nothing is small and  a  bother to God  so when you  place your prayer  request  before  Him, including your Health and Fitness goals too, he will answer!
Happy new year!
May your dreams come true!
Thank you  for being a faithful reader.

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  1. Hey! I understand completing fitness goals can be difficult myself, That’s why I wrote my 5 minute abdominal workout! Check it out! Keep writing!

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