I took this sunset  pic  earlier  on  this week, but  I  dont  know, I feel  like  it  could  pass for  a  sunrise pic too….. so yeah, play  along  boo…
I have  not  done  an early  morning run  for  the  longest  time, until of course today when  I dragged  my  sorry behind and forced it  to  hit  the road   , The  struggle  was  real, but  that’s   a tale  for  another  day.
I  prefer  a  morning  workout because of  a  number  of  reasons

  • Chances  of  You missing  a  workout  are less

You  know  those   excuses  we  make  to skip  a  workout? It’s  too late, it’s  too sunny, It’s  too  cold,  I am  tired,  the  kids  are  up already, I’l be late  for  work, five  more  minutes.……etc , You do not  have  to  worry  about  all that  if  you  wake  up  EARLY to  get  your  workout  over  and  done with. You will be walking  around  thinking  
” The  time  I would  have  spent  working  out  during  the  day, I will  spend  it  doing  whatever  instead”

  • It  improves  your  mood  throughout  the  day

I mean,  You  know  that  feeling  you  get  when  you  achieve  a  goal ? Yes  ‘bruh’  that  is  pretty  much  it!

  • It  does  not  compromise  your  enduarance

Working out / running when the weather  is  cool and  calm  outside  as  opposed  to  when  the  sun  is  out  sounds  good  to me. 
It only  means my  body   can  do more  before  getting  tired. You feel me?

  • All that  starts well ends  well

Your  day  is  going  to  be  fabulous! You will make  great  meal choices ,  you will choose  positivity  , you  will  breathe and not  sweat  the  small stuff, Let’s  just say, you  will  make  better  life  choices throughout  the  day

  • You’ll give your metabolism a big boost! 

You  tend  to  burn more calories throughout the day when you do a morning workout. 
That  is  a  fair  deal  don’t  you  think?
So  get  up, let us  get  this  party started! 
I’m sorry, I meant, let  us  get  this  workout  over  and  done  with

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