Here  are   five  fitness  myths  busted
(1)MYTH- You need  to  fast  twice a Month to lose weight!
TRUTH- Unless it  is  a spiritual  fast, fasting   to lose weight  is a big fat  lie. You  could  fast  today  and  indulge in  unhealthy   meals  tomorrow, so how  again is this  helping anybody? What  you need to do  instead is  eat  4-5  small healthy  meal options  throughout  the  day to  keep  your metabolism  in  check.
(2)MYTH-  One small unhealthy  meal could  destroy  the  whole  week’s  effort
TRUTH-Listen, You  are  human and you need to stay  sane, and  not   bingeing  to your  favorite  dessert or  favorite  foods  once in a while  will not  make  you gain  all  the  weight  back..
live  by  the  80-20  rule..80% of the time, eat  healthy  and  do  what  is  right. The other 20%, do whatever  the  heck  you  is never  that serious .just dont  make it a  20-80 rule.
(3) MYTH-You  can target where  you want  to lose  fat
And  all the  other  signs  you  can  think  of 
You  can  not  target  fat  loss. You  can  not  tell your  body….
‘ Hey!  Here  is  the  thing,  we  need to lose weight only  in  this  and  this  place and  keep the  rest’. Darling, the  body  does  whatever  the  hell  it  wants. If  it  chooses  to  burn  fat  on  your  face  first,  it  is  going  to  do  just  that. If  it  wants  to  burn  leg  or  arm  fat  first, it  is  going  to  do  just  that. You have   no  control  over  that, so  all you  have  to  do  is  just  keep  going  and  add strength  training  into  your  regime to   keep  your  female  features   in check. Isolation  excercises  wont  just  do  the  magic. which  takes me  to  my  next  point
(4)MYTH-  ‘  I’ll just  do  crunches and  buy my  way  to a  leaner  waist”
TRUTH- crunches, sit-ups, planks, pushups, squats etc are really  great  but  there  is  more  to  weightloss  and  a  healthier   life  than  isolation excercises…If  you  do not  do  any  cardio  excercises   , the fat is  just  going to  sit  there  as you  build muscle on top of it. So  again  ,  to  banish  the myth,  no crunches  will   give  you   abs,   cardio+clean  diet+ (now  the common abs  excercise)+ enough sleep+ lots  of  water – processed  foods  and sugar  will  give  you abs.
(5)  MYTH- The  more you sweat  the more  calories you  burn
TRUTH- Sweat doesn’t mean you necessarily torched any more calories
than usual . “Sweat is a biological response that cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature,” It   could  be  a  result  of  an  overheated room  or  wearing  a  sweater   during  a  workout   or   body overheat…
I personally  rarely  sweat  during  my  workout and  my workouts  are  just  as  intense. So if you do not  sweat,  dont  sweat  it,  *see what I did  there?*   it  doesnt  mean  you   are  not  working  hard

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  1. blend and shades says:

    woooo…..your myths were my definite truths…..well untill now….thanks couch

    1. I am glad the points helped … thank you 🙂

  2. Grace Ariko says:

    Brenda that was a good one I want to try it right away. Keep it up

    1. Thanks Ma’ , I will come teach you a few moves 🙂

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