Fitness in Kenya  is  taking  a  U turn , can I hear an Amen! ….. wait a minute!  first things  first , Happy new year.I hope I am not too late.  I    wish  you all the    love  and  blessings you could possibly receive   from God. May your  dreams  come true and may this be that  one year  that your health  and  fitness  journey   takes  a U turn,  for the better  of course . When I say U turn I mean no more  weird side eye looks and  murmurs for that  fellow who decides  to  check into a gym or put on their  running shoes for the first time , no more  hate  for the girl  or  boy who does everything in her  power  to stay healthy and fit (that includes  sipping on that  green  tea more often) ,no more  procrastination ,what if tomorrow  never comes? ( I said that deliberately to scare you) .no more  ditching your workouts for your favorite TV series (Real Househelps  of Kawangware …I see you) .get it?
I think we can  all agree  on  this , Health  and  Fitness in Kenya  is  literally taking a U turn  and  evolving right before our eyes. I mean, it is a beautiful thing to watch. More and  more people are embracing  this, not  as  an occasional  hangout   activity  where  you and your girls  decide  to  go  to the gym  to   show  off  your   new  sports bra  you got from  ‘toi’   (Beryl, I  see  you,  I  kinda  feel  you on this one though)
..or  when  a  guy and  his  buddies decide to go and check out  girls. .Instead, it has become a lifestyle. we eat breathe and live  health and fitness, we yearn to be better both from the inside and out.
I challenge you today.Do not be left behind. do not  miss  out  on  the  fun, as  I  said  on  my first ever  blog  post , as seen here  , It ain’t  always  pretty, their  is  the  muscle  aches , the critics  and  it is  all  black  and white at  first.But  that is  just   2%  .it definitely gets pretty  and  colorful once you overcome this  obstacles  and  crazy stumbling blocks. The  98% is the best  percentage,   the  healthier  happier  and  stronger you . So do something , sign up for yoga/gym , dance to your  favorite songs  more often, run  a  mile  or  two  every  week  …whatever  makes you  happy do it. break a leg , not  literally,  and have yourselves  a  happy fit  year

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  1. Charlie says:

    Awesome, I have waited long enough for a 2016 post from you, I am visiting Kenya soon, great

    1. Great…karibu Kenya 🙂 . beautiful country

  2. A major U turn I must say…lets keep fit 2016 Confidence pumped uo..Con- Fit- Dence 🙂

    1. yes,we doing this all the way, thanks

      1. Smiles smiles..

  3. This is my year…I am doing this.

    1. that’s the spirit, :-)…. break a leg

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