My stomach fat just wont go. why?

So  you  have  been doing  almost everything  in your  power  to  burn  that  annoying  stomach  fat that  is  shamelessly    following  and  stalking  your  every  move. It is  annoying , I think we can all agree on that one and  it  can bring about  frustrations. You have tried  pretty much   everything  but  it keeps   whispering  to  your  ears
” I  ain’t  going  nowhere  honey”
But what if  you  haven’t  tried  everything ? or  rather what if you  think  you   have  been trying  everything but  in  real  sense  you have been trying all the  wrong things? when  I wrote THIS   I  couldn’t  stress  the  fact that  all the   pointers I shared ,were they pointers? I don’t  know  but  hey!… were  like  your guideline  to getting  a  toned  tummy. But I still see people here and there  approaching stomach fat the wrong way. no amount of crunches will  give you  a  flat  stomach, that is the truth. You can  not  burn stomach fat with stomach exercises  alone, that  is  the  bitter  truth my friend. You have to  approach  stomach  fat  the  right  way , crunches and all those  tummy exercises  will  simply build  muscle  beneath the  tummy  fat  and  that  I  am  sure  ain’t  what we want . so  include  cardio exercises in your routine to  burn  fat  and eat clean . there is no short cut, have a fruitful week full of God’s blessings.
thank you  for reading

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  1. Vicente says:

    Thanks Couch Health and Fitness. Always a pleasure reading ua articles.

    1. you’re welcome…thanks for reading..i appreciate

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