I personally started  my health and fitness journey a while back, it has been on and off but it is okay, here I am. still pushing and growing stronger and stronger each day. I have had  moments when I just want to throw in the towel because when laziness hits, it hits hard.
As human beings we tend to want microwave results, you want to invest in a business and see it bring back profit  the next day. we want to start squatting today and get a rounder booty next month , we want to start running today and shed off the unwanted fat before you walk down the aisle two weeks from now. That is definitely not how it works. Nothing in life actually works like that.
The reality when it comes to health and  fitness is that there is no shortcut , you have to make it your everyday lifestyle in order for you to see results. It is normal to feel tired when you have been eating right and working out but you are not where you want to be yet. Patience and consistency is all you need. giving up will not help, do it and do it like your whole life depends on it. Because honestly, it does.. that leads me to my point and that is ‘No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch‘   if you keep this in mind, trust me, you will not give up, you will still wake up and run, go to the gym or whatever because you definitely wouldn’t want to be the guys on the couch. You want to be out there making a difference. So go on , keep on keeping on, don’t stop! and if you haven’t started , start now. the couch is not the place for you, you deserve better!
stay con-fit-dent
you were born beautiful

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  1. I love this. “Lap everyone on the couch!!”

    1. yeah, 🙂 … rather be slow but sure…thanks

  2. Leslie says:

    thank u couch gealth and mum is working out alot lately cause of u.

    1. thank you :-), say hi to your mum, she is a hero

  3. Greatness starts,from whichever point I love it…keep lapping the unmoved *wink wink
    #Team squats

    1. yes very true….one step at a time #bossgirlssquats ..thanks

      1. 🙂 shine bright like a diamond

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