( 1) Moment of truth
So it’s November , October has swiftly  gone to obscurity. Okay , so what next! I know what next alright and that is the fact that  Cancer exists  still  after  the cancer month . It continues to strike even  more afterwards. Just when every social media page , every media station , every National campaign has  gone silent, Cancer begins to  search for its next prey.  What happens then when it’s all said and done? what  happens when no one is there to talk about  Cancer? when no one is advocating  for the Doctor’s visit any  more and when no one is offering a free mammogram , pap  smear  or whatever? what happens when no one is willing to check you up for free?
(2) Reality check
Reality checks in, you have to still get checked.
Cancer is  a sick psychopath I must say  but  People have survived and lived to tell the tale. People have looked cancer bravely in the face and told it
”Joke’s on you!” .
I guess all I am trying to say is a diagnosis  is not a  death sentence. All you have to do is still get checked early enough . it is silent now, October has  passed and we are moving on swiftly. A thief  doesn’t come in broad daylight, he waits for you to sleep, and  just like you guard your home at night with watch dogs , barbed wires and  burglar  proofs , guard yourself with an early check up. I am urging  you not to let it steal from you or drag you down with it because you deserve better. We might not know the exact cause of cancer but I’m sure we might have had the one thing that contributes and that  is,,,,
(3) lifestyle
If  you were to stand before a lifestyle judge accused of not  eating a healthier diet , not working out , not drinking water as you should and not getting enough sleep/ rest, how would you plead?  GUILTY?  I hope not. Look, SOME factors (I  said some)  that lead to cancer are avoidable. If you can make a positive change  in your  lifestyle  choices, guess what! the better! think about it.
Here is what you should remember  ‘life is about choices , chose wisely’

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