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(7) Diet your way to weight loss?
And the court proves the accused who came up with this statement guilty of the charges of misleading human beings. Starvation is sick , it does not lead to weight loss, it leads to diseases and  death. Look, we are looking to be healthy not sick , Don’t eat less just eat clean . that’s all that’s right for the love of God…
(7) Fitness is for the chosen ones
I wonder who this chosen ones are. I wonder if it is the likes of Dwayne Johnson, I don’t know… We were all given the gift of willpower by God. All you have to do is look within you and you could do everything including reaching the stars. So when you say Fitness is not something you can do, you are letting that inner lying voice control you.. You can do better than that . train, there are many ways to , sign up for a dance class, dance at home , do anything you enjoy as long as it keeps your heart pumping (safe legal Godly things of course)
(8) I will lose my Clique
Okay, first of all if a friend does not support you why are you even hanging out on the first place. Lose them you will find new ones on your way in fact better ones who are on the same journey as you, you will encourage each other and you will not feel like an outcast at any given point… start running, you will meet other runners…don’t just sit there , do something
(9) I am too old
I hear this all the time. My neighbor sees me running at 6:00 in the morning and she goes like ‘ Oh my, I wish I could join you but I am too old for that ‘’ That is not true, fitness is for everyone, anyone as long as you decide to do it. You do not have to wake up at 6:00am to run, you can do a nice evening walk and with time you will be surprised at what your 30 – 40- 50 plus year old body can do
(10) I do not know where to start
Well, just start, make mistakes learn from them and keep going, do not look back over your shoulders. Stay focused.. make Google your best friend and sieve what you take in and what you ignore. Research… research… research…consult…consult…consult…there are good people out here
(11) Count your calories
Here’s the thing, obsessions are real. Here is my opinion about counting the calories burnt and the calories you take in.. I am not saying don’t do it as advised by your trainer , all I am saying is if you do not watch out, it will become an obsession that might make you go   ‘kookoo’ . Go easy on yourself, we are not perfect..

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