Well, ever since I could pronounce the words Health and fitness , I have heard the most preposterous statements I could ever imagine. When It comes to health and fitness, we come up with just ridiculous statements to either avoid living healthy or to comfort ourselves over the guilt that comes with not living a healthier life as we should. Guilty? I know I am , I trip all the time because I am human, I make mistakes because still I am human but that does not mean I will not make them again. Chances are very high that I will but all I gotta do is pick myself up and move on. fitness and health is part of life. We want to do everything in our power not to wake up and bust a move to keep fit but still be fit but it is actually impossible. You have to make it a routine, just like eating. You have to or you will die. Anyway, this topic is going to be a two episode series looking into this statements. Here is the part 1
(1) I have no time
And the award goes to …….. (Drum rolls please) This statement. This is the most commonly used phrase .
ELA : let us start working out
IDA: Nope! Too busy… I have kids , a full time job and my side business
We have 24hours in a day . I am sure we can find somewhere to slot in exercise.It is just about setting your priorities right . The same way we slot in time to eat , sleep, watch E News etc. if you are serious about it, this should never be an excuse . There are so many exercises out there that are designed for busy people. Look them up. Ten minutes , five minutes, whatever works for you . do not get involved too much with work and ignore your body. It comes first at the end of the day, it is the only thing you take with you to bed , well, unless……..
(2) Life is too short to eat right and workout
You know what? Believe it or not, I agree. Life is indeed short. Why? Because of the choices we make and the mentality we have. We make our lives short by our lifestyle, the diseases , (apart from the unavoidable ones) that came around because of neglecting healthy eating and working out. If you can make your life longer by doing this, then you should seriously consider it
(3) Spot reduction is possible
You know the saying that goes do not believe everything that you read? It is 100% true. Do not fall for indecent money making schemes. No one should lie to you. There is no pill , belt, that will give you a healthy lifestyle. Go hard or go home honey.
(!!) You cannot target stomach fat , arm fat , etc . no amount of sit ups, crunches could burn that stomach fat, all it will do is build that muscle beneath the stomach fat and all then lead to frustrations and quitting, you have got to reduce the overall body fat percentage by doing cardio , strength training and eat clean and eventually you will become leaner and healthier
(4) Obesity runs in my Family
Now that is a beautiful tempting lie but guess what, it is not that Obesity runs in your Family, it’s  just  that no one runs in your Family . Really, your lifestyle can make a difference in your Genes. All you have to do is start working out and eating clean
(5) I’m naturally skinny, I’m healthy
Are you really? Are you? Huh? Just because you cannot touch or see Oxygen does not mean it is not there. Same case, just because the cholesterol does not manifest itself on your outside appearance does not mean it is not there. Even the skinniest Victoria secrets model works out to stay healthy…come on..
(6) I’ll  start tomorrow
I procrastinated until I could not anymore.  tomorrow  never  comes, start  now. It  is  all  you  have. we   do not  know  what  tomorrow holds  and  what  you   could  do  now  to  save  it.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’m too skinny. you got me there. haha. nice piece brenda

    1. did i? 🙂 …Thank you …

  2. matama ruth says:

    Number five and six describe me! #naturallyskinny#tomorrowthatnevercomes#
    nice inspiring piece.

  3. 🙂 thanks Love…. #teamwe’llworkoutnomatteroursize 🙂

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