Glad to finally do this. You know, write about something that I am passionate about and that is Health and fitness. Over the years , the media and magazine covers have flashed us with images of what they believe is ‘what a woman should look like’ and has made us believe that for you to be beautiful, then you have to be a walking corpse. That’s not so harsh if you actually ponder on it because it is true and this has pushed girls and women around the world to the wall in pursuit of a size zero body. It is sad because it has led to sick behaviors like starvation , binge eating , fad dieting , you know , just so many unhealthy life choices to mention but a few. It breaks my heart to see how this has spread like  some  flu  outbreak and it has become twice as hard to convince a girl  with  a  low  self  esteem imposed  by  someone  or  something  else  that  she   was  born beautiful . Your health is determined by how you live, I agree 100% , but your beauty? Ah Ah! Honey, That you already have. If  you  think  you  are  not  all   you   are  trying to say  is  God  is  not  perfect  and  that  He  made  you  ugly. There is  no  better  way  to  say  it, that’s  that. it  is  like mocking him and you better take that  back
brey 4
because, you!  yeah  you!  you’re  so  fancy!
But, ask yourself this, does your health match your look? Is it as beautiful? have you been indulging in unhealthy habits all your life? Do you eat that pizza from Monday to Friday and miss a day to even work out. If you are guilty as charged, let me see your hands up! And whip them like you just do care. Because  you  should That is just wrong. unfortunately , I just put my hands up too. why you ask? Because I used to , I have   never  been  overweight  and so I thought, ‘’Oh well, I have nothing to worry about ‘’ and that was just before I knew the risk I was putting myself and the people I love into. I decided to make a turn in my life ,to start eating healthy and to work out. Not because I hated the way I looked and thought I was ugly or something, But simply because I realized what I was missing. The feel-good feeling it came with , the double confidence it tagged along with , how stronger I felt , how healthier I became and of course how contagiously infectious it became to the people around me and my friends who now even come to me for advice and indeed all that is what matters. Couch   health  and fitness  is  simply  about  doing  your  thing  at  home .I have never stepped foot in a gym . I do all my workouts at home and I feel equally satisfied , let  us just  say  I  enjoy  making  my  own  rules .So even as you make that step today, to start working out and eating better, I can promise you one thing, It will not  be  easy ,  ” It’s  all  black  and  white ”  at  first   but  it  gets  colorful  .it  will  hurt  just  a  tiny  bit or  even  more
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you  will  get  a  wet  wave  of  slaps  from  critics  but  turn  the other  cheek  and  just   (shake  it  off,  just  shake  it  off,  sorry  I  got  tempted  to  do  some Taylor  swift)
at  the  end  of  the  day,  you’ll  be  happy  and   driven to  do  it  again  and  again
breyyyy (3)
I’ll  let  you  in  on a  little  secret  that  I  am  sure  you  already  know  about , that  body  you  got?  it  is the  only  place  you  spend  your  time  entirely,  you  might  as  well  make  it  comfortable  to  live  in.

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  1. For a first post,that was great!Keep up cuz..

    1. thanks dear.. I sure will 🙂

  2. Hilda says:


    1. 🙂 thanks dear

  3. jessie says:

    Gaaaaal, I am hooked.

    1. 🙂 thanks love , will give you more reason to be

  4. This is an awesome start. Keep on.

    1. thanks…i sure will

  5. You killed it girl dyamn so happy
    What you written is what am doing for my final project will halla at you
    Keep doing ya thang

    1. really? thanks dear..destiny … ua blog

      1. Much love
        Let’s keep doing this.

  6. Jozie Midamba says:

    Good tingz.. I want that tummy 🙂

    1. hehe 🙂 thanks dear

  7. Good stuff

  8. hey, nice piece. looking forward to read more of your writing!

    1. thanks…. 🙂

  9. love it dear.looking forward to more inspiration! Go fit! Live Healthy 😉

    1. thanks dear…looking forward to reading yours too

  10. leah midamba says:

    I have always seen the writing skill in you.You go girl.Inspire me….nataka kuachana na junk 🙂

    1. thanks love…i appreciate :-)… staying away from junk is a struggle…but its possible…not entirely though. .you set aside cheat meals

  11. Winnie says:

    This sure is a very educative piece.
    Way to go girlfriend.
    I believe with bloggers like you we can bring the desired change to the world.
    Keep it up and keep them coming.
    Congratulations, now that’s my girl

    1. aaaaw you say the nicest things girlfriend.. thanks a bunch

  12. Could agree more with you.So extcited.
    Kindly do a post on tummy exercises..

    1. Elle thanks…sure thing…working on the post …. will be up v..v…soon

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