Let’s take a walk down memory Lane .Remember School? Remember Science? Remember the three basic needs? Food ,  shelter  and  clothing ? Now when it comes to Health and fitness, same applies . There are three basic needs for you to achieve a healthy and fit you and this are …..(Drum rolls please)
(1) clean eating
(2) working out
pic 2 (3)
(3) and drinking plenty of water. ( at least  2litres a day)
pic 1
If you just rolled your eyes  and  nearly saw your brain, I totally understand. I mean, this cliche has maybe been like a song to your ears  probably  from  when you  could  say ‘mama’ . But guess what , they are the simplest things we take for granted .Think about a tripod stand for a moment. For it to work, all the legs have to be functional. After doing  ‘ THIS  ‘  post ,  someone asked me ‘ How do I get leaner and  healthier ? but please do not tell me to workout , drink water or eat clean. ‘’ I was impressed at how much information she had but she chose to put it in the  back  of  the  trunk  in  the  hope  of  hearing  something  new like ( go  deep  yourself  in  the  ocean  seven  times or  something ) For  once  i was  happy  to  be  the  bearer  of  bad  news and  told   her  she clearly  had  the answer   . I am not saying anything new here. I know you know that I Know you know what you should do but you don’t do it anyway. Right? . It is not as hard as it sounds , It  is  as  easy  as  it  looks. It  is   impossible  to  achieve  a  healthier  and  fit  body  without  all  of  this  three  basics . You  drop  one, it’s  a waste  of  your  time  and  energy . so  just slowly  incorporate  this  into  your  daily  routine,  let  it  not  be  a short  time thing or  a trial  and  error to  see  if  it works ,  you  already know  that  it  does . Choose  to make it  your  lifestyle  and  you  will see  how  good  it  feels . Everything  you  do  is  a  choice   so  choose  wisely.  love  yourself  and  your  body  now  , do  not wait  for  a  certain  time  to  make  a  difference  and  even  as  you  are  in  this  journey of  becoming   a  healthier  and  fit  you, still  embrace  and  rock  that  body  NOW   because  as  humans , we  always  want  something  and  when  we  get  it  we hate  it  and  want  another .we  want  to  look  this  way  and  after  achieving  it , we  hate  it  then  want  a  Victoria secrets  model  body, your  body   is   beautiful  and  flawless   keep  on  loving  it  now, or  rather  learn  to  love  it  now and  whoever  says  otherwise  is  just   a  bitter  sad  soul that  should  learn  to  love  themselves  too.  so even  as  you  start  now  remember  that   you  can  not  change  yesterday , but  you  can  do  something  today  that  can  change  tomorrow

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  1. leah midamba says:

    Nice read 🙂

  2. Water water water
    Works magic

    1. indeed it does 🙂

  3. JozieJoe says:

    Good stuff.
    I’ll start with taking enough water.

    1. step by step ..thanks 🙂

  4. Miss Shee says:

    Awesome piece!!

  5. jessie says:

    I am on my 6th glass today, #teamInspired thanks again Bee

    1. Keep it up dear , you welcome

  6. Francea says:

    Great info, indeed not new words

    1. yea info that’s always overlooked…. 🙁

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